July 9, 2013

Stupid Day

I slept so early yesterday. I was asleep at about 9pm but then I awoke at 4am and couldn’t sleep till like 6:30am. Then I finally woke up at 11:30am. Yesterday I was told that the practice for today was canceled, but earlier this morning I was texted that there’d be practice for today at 11am. Fuck, bad mood in super early in the morning. Then I replied the text that I’d be late because I had to take care of this crazy provider that made me keep losing my balances stupidly. But I was too lazy to go to that place, and I couldn’t call the customer service either since I have no balance left, so I just searched it on the google. It’s said that I have to change the setting to 3G only thus the internet data won’t cut off my balances again. Apparently there’s no such setting in my phone and I was really ready to go mad at their customer center at 3rd floor on the mall. But I’ve been having this fucking toothache since yesterday. I think one of the last teeth is growing and it’s so damn painful. So I decided to buy a new sim card instead. Then I bought it at the other center in the mall, different provider. And it took sooooooo long for me to finally be called. I was kinda stupid as well there. I should choose the cheaper one instead and activate the package with less data available so I could spend less money. Stupid me. I just realized after I’ve paid it. Stupid. Then I went to the campus for the practice. I arrived at around 1:30pm and nobody was in the room. Fuck. They were having this thing first for the freshmen enrichment program at the other building which is quite far from the building for the practice and no one really told me about it. Why the fuck he told us the practice would be at 11am if you all wanna go to that thing? Stupid. I was so lazy to go to campus today and I thought I’d be late for the practice instead and when I got there no one was there. I was kinda feeling guilty that I was late for more than 2 hours but then no one was there it just turned me to another bad mood. Damn. Then I was about to texted my friend if he and the rest wouldn’t be there soon I’d just go instead as I actually had to go to T’s house to get my things that I asked her to buy in SG and celebrate her birthday with R as well. Then he and a few others suddenly appeared at 2pm. Then we went to the room for the practice but there really was not enough people to start the practice. Then I asked him whether we’d have practice for today or not and then he said today would be for the DANCE practice instead of the DRAMA practice. OMG why the fuck I went to the campus then and what makes me more upset is the plan to go to T’s house was canceled as well as R is too busy doing her homeworks or project or whatever and T went to other place blah blah blah well anyway it’s raining all day I’m kinda glad that I don’t have to go there either since the traffic jam will be everywhere at time like this. But I don’t really care about it anymore though, who the fuck cares. We’re all just too busy to do that thing. Then that ridiculous friend of mine who is my coor for this event told me that the practice for today would be till 3pm only OMG I just didn’t know what to say anymore, only bad words swears curses could go out from my mouth. I really wanna throw everything to pieces in front of him to show him how mad I am. Today’s so stupid.

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