July 24, 2013

Saturday is my birthday!

My birthday is coming soon!!! Suddenly I really wanna throw a birthday party, at carl’s jr., I’ll invite only my best friends from HS. But I don’t think no one will come though, as they’re busy, two are in other countries, one always cancel last minute, and one kinda can’t go if it’s too far from her home. Sooooooo it’s kinda make me sad actually. I really wanna celebrate my last birthday before I turn 20s with my friends, as we rarely meet each other anymore. But I guess I won’t throw any party at all, and I’ve already said so to my mom. I don’t know. I don’t wanna celebrate with my family or big family either, I just wanna hang out with my old friends. Perhaps I’ll just celebrate it with Fido, my mom, and tumblr this year. As I have to be at campus for the practice till 5pm. Ahhhh perhaps it’ll turn to the worst birthday I’ve ever had.

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