July 14, 2013

Saturday Geek Night!

So I just decided to ditch the event for today so I won’t go to the campus today. Yay! Who the fuck cares! I just wanna rest! 
Yesterday, when I got home, my mom wasn’t at home. Then she told me that she’s in my uncle’s store. My uncle owns a computer hardware related things shop! Then I asked her to buy me an external hard drive because I don’t have one and I need it to back my laptop up from time to time. Just in case, you know… I wanted the white one but it’s only 500GB meanwhile my laptop storage is 750GB so I chose the blue one instead for 1TB. And I was kinda shock when my mom said the price, I thought it wouldn’t be that expensive, I hope it lasts long so it’ll worth it. 
Then she said she wanted to go to the mall afterwards, so we went to the mall. I fell asleep and wake up when she called me and tell me that she’s there already. We met at iBox. She’s been wanting MacBook Air since a few months ago but she wasn’t really sure to buy it or not because she’s afraid that it’ll be difficult to use it because she’s always used windows. Then finally today after talking with my uncle she decided to buy it, the 11" one because she likes small laptop, and buying in my uncle’s store is cheaper than the one in iBox and she’ll get this year version as well meanwhile the iBox hasn’t sold the mid 2013 version yet. I remembered that when I wanted a new laptop I read a lot of reviews and such and people said that laptops that last long are lenovo’s and apple’s. My old laptop is lenovo so I decided to buy the apple’s one instead. Actually my old laptop was still good, but it’s quite slow because it has too many files and I just don’t know what to erase because they all are important to me so and the speed was slow even though I know I could just upgrade the memory card or something I forget the name but I wanna a better display quality because I like to watch movies and tv shows on my laptop and I love to play online games as well and it’s like I just need to upgrade some of the hardware but I also wanted to upgrade to windows 8 but the current spec of my old laptop isn’t good enough, my dad said it’ll be slow on my old laptop. So instead of changing this and that and erase this and that I just decided to buy a new one instead. Did I think of upgrading at that time? I didn’t think so. Perhaps I just simply wanted a new one lol. Well my mom suddenly asked me whether I wanted an ipad mini or a laptop that can turn to tablet pc, the one that you can separate the screen and keyboard.. Then I said I wanted the macbook instead. Then she agreed and I was really glad and thankful to her lol. Then I researched quite a lot again, reading lots of review, trying to understand all of those specs (and I understand now lol) comparing the air and the pro ones. The macbook air has better display quality and it suits me because I love to watch movies and such and play games and such but the storage isn’t big enough for me as I’ve wanted to make a partition on my laptop later for windows 8. Then people said the pro is better because the hardwares are upgradeable and it’s recommended for college students, especially for its long life. Well not only apple says this, but those users too. Then finally I decided on the pro. Then I was struggling between the 13" or 15" ones lol. I love big screen but it’s not quite handy to carry and weigh more and I kinda knew that I’d be carrying this a lot to campus (and I do!) so I decided to buy the 13" with 750GB storage so I have a lot of space for the os x and enough space for windows 8.And the 750GB automatically comes with i7 soooo it sorta help to play online games lol. 
We had dinner at Takigawa. I ate takigawa rolls as always and cheezy seafood pan which I forgot to take the pic of it.
Then we went to the groceries. I bought fruits again. Yay! Bananas, apples, a watermelon and a grapefruit! I found the grapefruit! And I was so shock for the price!!! It was IDR40 thousands something and it equals to like around USD 4!!! Meanwhile, I researched on the net, the price was less than $1 there for each! And I just realized that the apples are expensive too! I bought 5 of apples. Then I also bought this yummiest snack in the world! I think it’ll be really hard for me to have flat belly lol.

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