July 12, 2013

Rainy Summer

Yesterday I set alarms on 9am something, but I somehow kept snoozing it till 10am and I was shock when I saw the clock on my phone because I wanted to have breakfast before I go to the campus, but if I got up at 10am then there’s no time for breakfast. So I just ate wafers on my way to the campus. I had a dream about meeting KARA, the location is in my elementary-junior high school buildings (I somehow often dream being there, but not studying at all or such any school related events), and there’s my ex-classmate (he moved to other uni) and one of my colleagues, then I kinda remember that my ex-classmate was sooo happy that he’s meeting KARA (which in real life I’m kinda sure that he doesn’t know them at all) and we had to go somewhere else but he told me to stay longer because he still wanted to have a chitchat with the members, and told me to keep pushing the ‘+’ button on my phone so they’ll extend the time for him to talk with the members without being cut by the authorities, and I did push the button in real life which snoozed the alarms which I quite remember because I woke up every time the alarm rang but I just got back to sleep -_- 
Then I woke up, not happy, and I drove to the campus, the bad mood got worse. I got there at 11 something, only a few minutes late, and I went upstairs to the room and as I expected that there’s no one’s there yet. So I went downstairs and wait for anyone who showed up. The first practice was the dance, but those who are supposed to dance just showed up at almost 1pm. Almost 2 hours were wasted. Then the play practice started at 3pm, and the coach was able to come yesterday, so we finished all parts of the play. I wasn’t in bad mood during the practice though, as I kinda like it right now. It’s really a challenge for me to act since I’m sooooo expression-less and intonation-less lol. 
It finished at 5pm so I went straight home, it was raining, and when I was still half way to my car, the rain suddenly got very heavy -_- It’s supposed to be summer, but the rain was soooooo heavy. And when I was only a few meters away from the campus, I couldn’t really saw the road, and only like lights of the cars, and all I could see was only 2 meters at most. I thought it was because I haven’t washed my car for quite a long time so the screen was dirty and got mixed up with water and the wiper spread it all to the screen and I was so anxious because this never happened before. The theory wasn’t so logical though because the rain supposed to clear all the dirts on my car. I drove super slow and I tried wiping the front screen but it had no effect and it made me even more anxious. Then I decided to pull over at a small parking lot, to wait the rain till it’s over. But then I touched the screen and I was shocked because it’s actually dew!! So there were all dew all over the screen front and back, the windows, so I wiped it all with kleenex but the dew was keep getting back. Then I was quite desperate and I saw those AC controllers and get an idea. So I changed the AC temperature from cold to warm enough to clear all the dew and it worked like wonder! So glad! Then I drove back to home. The roads were already flooded a little, and there’s also a path where the flood reached the lowest body of my car and I could hear the water hit that lowest body of my car and I was so afraid that my car would break down but luckily it didn’t I was so glad. 
I finally arrived at home and I was kinda hungry ate a cup of yogurt. It was a small cup and I was still hungry so I ate a banana. Then I watched how i met your mother again and then I ordered dinner and it took longer than usual for the food to get here. Then I continued watching how i met your mother and I fell asleep till my mother got home. 
Then I did a little grooming to my dog. Well I only brushed his fur though, because his furs has started falling out quite much again.

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