July 10, 2013

Pot Belly

I can’t sleep!!!! I finally decided to sleep and I can’t sleep at all!!! I’m a bit sleepy but I can’t sleep!!! I was quite sleepy but it somehow is decreasing because I think a lot and now I can’t sleep!! I’ve been thinking a lot of things, especially the play, how I should act, what moves I should make, then what if the outfits I’ll wear for the outfit show my pot belly???? OMG I really need to get rid of this fat like in one month -_- Then I started reading stuffs on all women stalk especially about diet and weight loss but somehow I’ve always failed at such things. I just can’t stop eating junk food and sweets! I even often forget to drink a lot of water which I just planned a little while ago. So I put on my reminders, with alarms! It’s kinda stupid actually….. reminders to drink a glass of water every few hours…. but If I don’t… then I won’t drink it unless I’m very thirsty. A bad habit of mine, since I was a kid -_- But it’s better rather than not drinking at all, right? Then perhaps I’ll do grocery shopping soon, if I get the time to do so, to buy yogurts and fruits. I didn’t know that drinking 8-10 glasses of water can help me flatten my belly, it is a way to detox blah blah blah I don’t really understand about such things. I only knew that it was good for skin.

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