July 7, 2013


I’ve been living in my current apartment for almost a year, or perhaps it’s been a year…. I forget. I moved here last july, I forget the exact date though.  And he doesn’t even live here, her sister does, at level 20 or 30 something. My dog was always barking during the first few nights because he was anxious for a new place I guess and he had to sleep alone, since I used to sleep almost with him for almost everyday in the previous 5 years. 
Anyway, I kinda like it living here though because it’s beside a mall, and there’s also a mall beside that mall. And it’s also a strategic place. I often go to south Jakarta and it’s not so difficult to remember the way there, as it’s mostly only going straight. It’s also near the highway to go to the place I lived before here so it’s easy to meet my old friends, but it’s actually quite far even though and always there’s always traffic jam every rush hour so I actually kinda lazy to drive all the way there. The apt also has good view during the new year’s eve, there were fireworks everywhere and I love it! But there’s also a time when I was at the mall, and I was reading my book as I was studying for the mid term exam the next of the day, and there’s suddenly a black guy sat in front of me. Soooooooooo scary. He didn’t even asked me whether that seat was available or not. Soooooooo not polite. Well he’s not from here so perhaps he just didn’t know that kind of thing in the cultures here. 
I still don’t know any of my neighbours but one of the very first friends I have when I entered the uni for freshmen enrichment program. I’ve seen them though, but I guess it’s not a culture we have hare to greet each other, unless they know each other. There’s a family with kids who live at the most right unit and the kids are always running whenever they go home, and the sound of the running is kinda annoying. There’s also a husband and wife whom the wife is currently pregnant and her belly is so big that I think she’s gonna give birth at any second. There was also a unit where I think 3 corporate guys live together but they have moved out now, I saw them the day they were leaving. And that unit is currently lived by a Chinese guy (I think) who likes to open the door whenever he’s cooking. There’s also a unit which also has a dog on it. Then my left unit is lived by a guy who’s in his early 20s I guess, from his look. There are also a few girls living in different units on the right side of the elevators. I’m on the left side.
I’ve heard a lot of sounds since living here. The sound the noise of nails tapping to the floor when a dog walks on the upper unit but I think the family isn’t living there anymore since I haven’t heard it for quite a while. I’ve also heard a woman moaning and it’s so annoying. I’ve also heard a fight about a girl whom I think a uni student as well, asked by her mom to accompany her grandma or whoever that can’t be left alone at the unit, and she’s not allowed to go out with her friends and she wants to hang out with her friends as she has a life out there, her friends and such blah blah blah, and she isn’t comfortable with the situation at her home. There’s also a couple who have been fighting for a few days, even at 3am. I’ve also heard drunk guys around 2am. There’s also a time when a person tried to open my door by mistake, and as they realized it’s locked they realized it’s the wrong unit. I was kinda shock because it was midnight time.
There’s also a time when I was followed by 2 suspicious girls so I walked out of the elevator at the 1st floor and went to the mini market to buy something just to get rid of them. But I don’t really think I was followed, perhaps it’s just me because they didn’t follow me walking out of the elevator, or they’re clever enough that it’ll be too obvious for them to follow me if they also walk out of the elevator. Then when I was waiting for the elevator to go upstairs afterwards, there’s this black guy who talked to me and I just replied him to be polite, it’s kinda my nature. Then when I walked out of the elevator he also did and that’s quite scary and he started talking again to me and luckily I had to go at that time so he let me go. Sooooooo scary. Perhaps he’s just being nice but he’s kinda interested in me and he said it himself and I don’t know whether it’s in good or bad way and it’s just simply scary. I’ve also heard a lot of dogs barking from here and there. not a disturbance for me though.

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