July 22, 2013

Horrible Weekend

I went to the campus last Saturday, for that damn practice. It was somehow in the first few hours then later a few seniors came and said this and that and directed us this and that and it became the most not enjoyable practice ever. Some of my friends’ mood turned to bad mood, so did mine. Then the others thought that the practice would end at 7pm but actually it ended at 5pm because we can’t borrow the room later than 5pm on Saturday, and it’s announced before. Then the seniors still wanted us to practice but then they decided that we’d continue the dubbing instead. I’ve done my parts so I asked to go home instead, as not all were going to join the dubbing, but they didn’t let me, and My mood turned to super bad mood. Then they added one more line for my part so I dubbed it. Then I just stayed there, so quiet and alone, while the others were playing cards or something, and I played my ipad. I was finally told to go home around 7.30pm or something. .Then I just acted nice and good like I still wanna be there though truthfully I’d just wanna teleport myself to home. I finally went home 20min later. I hate them so much.
Then I had to go to a 24h convenience store to work on the dub with a few others till almost 4am. It hadn’t finished yet but I decided to go home because the program kept on being not responding. It actually supposed to be only me and one other but 3 others came. I seriously wonder why didn’t they just sleep rather than being like “strong" or “care" or “responsibility" or such whatever. Just get some sleep idiots. Their eyes were so red, and mine was still white as always. I’m already used to pull all nighter ever since I was in junior high to study or work some stuffs or getting my hw done so I don’t really have problems to work on midnight till the morning unlike you idiots. I was so lazy at first to go there to do the editing but I went there anyway.
I woke up at 2pm on Sunday and had lunch and went back to sleep. Then I woke up again at 6pm then ordered dinner and my dad said he’s at the mall blah blah blah via my mom. Then I told him to just come to the apt because I was so fucking exhausted with the damn play stuffs. Then he called while I was getting the dinner from the delivery guy and my phone was in silent mode so I didn’t notice at all then he got angry blah blah blah blah then I didn’t reply him and I cried instead because I was suddenly attacked by him angrily what the fuck. Then he told my mom blah blah blah and I finally met him a the restaurant downstairs with my mom because I knew if I didn’t meet him then he’ll get even angrier. There’s my step brother as well and I sat there like 3 seconds and just went back to the apt and cried again and my mom went to me and I told her I didn’t really wanna meet him because he was angry at me and I wasn’t wrong at all unless I didn’t answer his call on purpose and I was mad at him blah blah blah and she went back to my father and told him blah blah blah blah and don’t get angry with others because it’d just upset them blah blah blah and we went back upstairs. I’m kinda feel guilty for leaving him like that but I’m mad at him and this thing is just so stupid perhaps if he knows how my life right now he’ll understand and because we don’t live together perhaps he thinks that I’m very close with my mom and telling her everything about my day blah blah blah and the fact is I don’t and I treated them both the same and just like before they divorced and he should know that. 

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