July 15, 2013


Well, I’m still talking of my hatred. I just realized that it’s not the job that I hate, but I hate the colleagues. I did realize it, not in a speakable way. I just hate them so fucking much.
There was a time when one approached me because I was quiet, I usually talk. First of all, I WAS QUIET BECAUSE I WAS READING ON MY IPAD AND I LOVE READING AND WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I TALK WITH SOMEONE WHEN I’M READING SOMETHING IT’LL JUST MAKE ME NOT FOCUS OKAY DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND? Then, I was kinda having stomachache that day. I started eating lots of fruits and other healthy food to relieve the constipation I’ve had for some time at once. So I think it reacted that way. Then he asked why my stomach ached and I just said I didn’t know and he kept guessing and I kept refusing I just don’t wanna say it to anyone, it’s personal, do you fucking understand? Then when he asked what time I slept the night before I said 3am then he just concluded that I was lack of sleep and I need to drink medicine and such AND I WAS DEFINITELY NOT LACK OF SLEEP THAT DAY BECAUSE I WOKE UP AT 10PM WHICH MEANS I SLEPT FOR 7 HOURS WHICH IS ENOUGH FOR A NORMAL PEOPLE TO SLEEP. I just wanna shout to everyone like Robin shouted to Patrice everytime in How I Met Your Mother. They just really irritates me. 
I’ve been having that stupid practices at the campus from the morning till the evening. And I still wanna enjoy my holiday AND WHAT’S WRONG WITH IT so I always stay up really late tumblr-ing, reading stuffs, and such unless I fall asleep. 
There’s really nothing I can do but acting nice in front of them, and hate them right after I’m inside my car ready to go home till the next day I meet them again. My nights full of hatred and even though I’ve googled how to do when I hate my colleagues and such (yes I did google them). On the first night, I will hate them, just simply hate them, becauseeeeee (you’ll know after I tell you what happens on the third night). Then the second night, I will hate them so much, I hate them a lot, I hate them very much! Finally on the third night, my hatred will reach its climax till I finally burst into tears because I just can’t hold my anger and hatred towards them. Then it’ll go back to the first night, and because I’ve cried the night before, I feel kinda relieved and don’t hate them so much.

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