July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

I’m not American but happy 4th of july anyway!
Finally the final examination is over. I got to sleep for about 30 minutes today before I had to wake up again to go to campus. So I finished studying at 6am and I slept till 6.30am and I took a shower and such till 7am and went downstairs to my car but I forgot the examination card so I went upstairs again to take it which made me kinda late but I arrived at campus like 10 minutes before the exam started and I arrived at the classroom right when it started. I stupidly didn’t remember anything I memorized before and was blank for a while but I remembered it at last, not all though. Then the time was only 20 minutes left but I still have 50 points to write so I was writing as fast as I could till my hand hurt again like last week -_- I’m not really satisfied with my answers but I hope I’ll get good scores though since I really need it.
Unfortunately when I was walking back to the parking building it was raining then when I’ve inside my car it didn’t rain anymore -_- Then I thought I’d celebrate a little as the examination is over so I went to the mall and bought bean curds, a cupcake, and a glass of chatime.
So I bought bean curds again. Only the green tea flavoured one though.
Then I bought my favourite cupcake from 12 cupcakes, the cookies n cream cupcake
And I bought a glass of chatime. I ordered the wrong one though. I was supposed to order the matcha latte but I ordered green tea latte instead -_- and I really didn’t like the taste. It tasted like some muscular balm and so not delicious -_- So I just ate the pudding instead and poured all the tea out.
But I got to be their first customer today though since I went there at around 10am when all the shops were still opening their shops and placing things to the drawers and such. It’s quite nice seeing people do activity like that lol.

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