July 26, 2013

Fish & Co.

I finally ate the new york fish & chips after craving it for months lol. So the fish & co at the mall beside my apt is finally opened this week! I’m so happy~ I didn’t eat there though, so I just took it home.
oops I just realized the pic is blurry DX anyway, since I took it home, it’s not seafood in a pan anymore, seafood in a box instead, lol~
Yum yum yum yum~
Sooooo delicioussss I really love the sauce!! The parmesan cheese and the lemon butter sauce are superb!!!!! Now I’m craving for it again even though I’m still really full by eating it a while ago lol. I couldn’t it all, as always. I only could eat it 3/4 of it at most, sometimes 1/2. Because it’s sooooo big!! Sadly it’s not cheap so I guess I can’t have this frequently..

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