July 4, 2013

Final Exams

I’ve been studying for the last exam which is today at 8am. I’ve learned almost half of the materials but now I can’t concentrate anymore so I’m taking a rest for a while. I somehow started remembering all things happened in this second semester which will soon end, from the event which I could be one of the coordinator and then this and that meetings and the funny things happened at campus and so on. From things that I’m happy about to things that I regret since those were such stupid mistakes but it’s in the past so I there’s nothing I can do. The second semester goes so fast that I feel like it’s only a week ago that I attended the first meeting as an activist but it actually has been like 6 months ago, I even got to do the presentation in front of other activists for that event. These kinds of things are the things that I never thought that would happen to me a year go, but this year I got to learn a lot of new things and I’m grateful for it as not all of people could get the chance like this. We’re all learning so it’s okay to make mistakes, even though the mistakes could be fatal but we learned from it to prevent it to occur again. 
Yesterday’s exam was quite okay actually. I didn’t know a few answers for the multiple choices though, and I answered the rest unsure lol. I wasn’t sure when answering the essay as well lol. I didn’t expect that I’d finish before the time ended but I did! I thought I couldn’t be able to do the essay at all but somehow I could! Even though I’m not really sure with my answers because I kinda forget what tree should be rotate like this and to insert new node and to delete and such lol. But I’m still glad though since I wasn’t so hopeless even though I was kinda hopeless when answering it because I forgot how to solve the problem and went blank for a moment lol.
I just checked twitter and Rena JKT48 said she’s going to Japan well it’s not a shocking news since the shocking one has been announced 1 or 2 weeks ago that she’s now double team with AKB48 but I thought she’d be here this summer since I guess she’s in school holiday right now but maybe there are lots of things to catch up for her to join AKB48 so maybe she’ll rarely perform in Indonesia anymore. Idk though but she said she going to japan forever so I think she used the wrong word I hope she did since I haven’t watched Team J theater even once. So I ordered the ticket which she said will be her last theater perhaps for the RKJ but idk I hope I’ll win the ticket!!! But she’ll be on the handshake event in september so I guess she’ll be back though…. 

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