July 13, 2013

Egg Tofu / Tofu Telur

I woke up late again yesterday and I kept snoozing the alarms for about an hour and half. So I woke up at 12, because I couldn’t sleep till about 5am. I was sleepy but whenever I was on my bed, I just can’t sleep and not sleepy anymore. Then when I saw whatsapp on my phone, my classmates were talking about the calculus final exam scores which has been recently uploaded. My score isn’t good at all. Who the fuck cares. 
My mood wasn’t as bad as the day before. I didn’t feel any bad mood or such. But I wasn’t happy either. We were practicing the same parts from the day before, and I still am not satisfied with my acting. I wonder how to be more expressive….
I arrived at home at 6pm. I cooked the egg tofu I bought a few days ago for my dinner. I used to buy this quite a lot years ago, and my grandma would cook it for me. I chose this one because that chick is so cute lol.
Then I put it out
And sliced it
Then fried it
aaaaand voila!
I love egg tofu because it’s smooth and yummy!! 
I also ate papayas yesterday and the cut was better than the previous one lol.

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