July 2, 2013


I also bought earrings yesterday. Ear cuffs actually. At Claire’s. 
I really like the ones on the left. Actually I only wanted to buy those but I also like the right one so I ended up buying two and I get one for free so I ended up having 5 new ear cuffs lol. And now I’m wearing the star one and the right one so I’m wearing 8 on my ears now lol. I’ve been collecting earrings since I was in junior high. The last time I counted them, there’re like around 50 pairs lol. I still want moreeeee but I don’t really have money to buy more cute earrings lol. I was pierced one on each lobe when I was a baby. Then I pierced one more on my right ear during junior high and three more on the left. I’m actually have been thinking to get one or two more. But I don’t think so, kinda don’t have money right now lol. I wish my belly is flat enough so I could pierce my belly too :(
Anyway, here’s my earrings!
Big, small, long, cute, black, girly, barbell, studs, cuffs, I have a looooot that I don’t really remember all of them now lol. 
This one’s my favourite unfortunately they’re getting rusty so I don’t wear them anymore. I bought this when I was in Paris so I don’t know where to buy one like this here.
And this one’s also my favourite, a cute skull with pink crown. I think I bought this in Paris at Click Six
I also really really like this and I used to wear them almost everyday which made my ears hurt because it’s quite heavy so I rarely wear this one anymore. This one’s click six as well but I bought this when I was in Singapore…I’m not really sure though I’ve forgot lol.
I also like these cute food earrings lol. I bought these at Pure Milk in Grand Indonesia.
I like this one’s too they’re somehow cool. But I forget where I buy this though…. I guess in Click Six SG
And this one’s the latest click six that I have which is from a year ago since there’s none in Indonesia. My mom bought me this when she was in Italy last year.
My favourite accessories shop is click six they have super cute earrings I wish they’ll open their store in Jakarta someday.

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