July 20, 2013


I’m kinda on diet right now. Well I just need to look slimmer actually, for the play. So I really am limiting my food. My breakfast is only a banana. Then my lunch is a little pack of oat biscuits which taste really plaiiiinnn. I don’t really have time to eat during the lunch break between the practices since I sometimes continue practicing on my own or just sleep whenever I only sleep less than 5 hours the night before. Then I usually eat a “real" snack that I usually eat on my way home, in smaller portion than I usually have, so I won’t end up craving for these snacks and eat a lot of it. After I arrive at home then I usually eat an apple and fried egg tofu, sometimes with a half-cooked sunny-side up egg and anchovies. I still eat quite a lot but my weight is decreasing though lol, my cheeks are less chubby too. But I eat normally on sunday as the reward for myself for my hard work everyday from monday to saturday in this freaking summer holiday, in smaller portion though. I don’t really do work out as I usually got home exhaustedly, so I just walk here and there and move as much as possible during the practices, while waiting for my parts, doing aloha dance, and such. But my mom isn’t aware that I’m trying to slimming my body so she got me snacks whenever she goes to the mall -_- 
My mom bought me this cocobuttons last week which I sadly really love
and my favourites cupcakes
It’s the second time I ate the green tea one. I still hope they use more green tea so the taste will be richer. 
And the day before yesterday, when I finally got to do that scene right, I decided to give myself a treat lol.
without the pudding as topping!

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