July 3, 2013


So I bought more bean curds yesterday. I bought the original, almond, green tea, and chocolate.
It is written Singapore Cold Beancurd so I kinda asked T who studies there and she said there’s a lot there from heavenly taste delicious to gross(?) and it’s part of lifestyle there sooooooooooo…….okay.
This one’s the green tea flavoured one and I think it’s the best of all. I like this one the most even though the green tea isn’t that strong but it still tasted good!! I do love any food with green tea flavoured in it. I didn’t see this one the day before I guess it’s sold out but I found this yesterday. I thought it was  green soybeans or mung bean but I asked it and it’s green tea! So glad that I asked about it lol.
This one’s is the original one and it’s my second favourite. It’s just delicious with the sweet soya taste and it’s like melting in your mouth lol. It’s even much better than the strawberry or chocolate ones that I bought the day before yesterday. 
This one’s almond flavoured one and I thought it’d be sweeeeeeeeeet but then after I ate it I don’t like it. Perhaps it’s just me but I think it tasted somewhat like a medicine so I only ate a little and now I don’t know what I have to do with it -_-
I actually didn’t plan on buying the chocolate one again but if I bought the chocolate then the price for each would be idr 17k instead of 19k so I just bought it anyway as I don’t dislike it either lol. And I still like the green tea and the original best! 

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