July 2, 2013

d’beanz Bean Curd + Domino’s Pizza

So I was somehow craving for bean curd even though I didn’t really like it. So I bought it at the mall yesterday after I went home from the final exam which I didn’t get to finish and I was still making the classes for the last case and the time ran out. I had to do the coding of Angry Bird and I didn’t finish it, I wish I could finish it even though I don’t really remember what codes to write lol. 
I didn’t have enough cash with me so I went to the ATM in my apt but one of them seems to be not working and the other one I didn’t really wanna use it because the money didn’t come out twice. So I decided to go to the ATM outside the apt and I didn’t remember where exactly it is and it’s like in the middle of east tunnel and west tunnel to the mall so it’s too late to go back (my apt is the one with east tunnel). There were 3 machines but unfortunately 2 of them were out of order and one was offline fuuuuck so I ended up going to the west tunnel instead since the next ATM which I was 100% sure that will work is inside the mall near the west tunnel so I went there at last. I was too lazy to go there in the first place because I usually go to the mall by the east tunnel and that ATM is on that far edge near the west tunnel. 
Then I went to the bean curd booth which is d’beanz near the ATM but there was no one there so I went to the upper level and went across the park to go to Domino’s Pizza to order my favourite double decker first. I actually wanted to go there after I bought the bean curd so I could go straight home afterwards moreover the domino’s pizza isn’t so far away from the way to east tunnel. But then while waiting for the pizza I went back to d’beanz and bought the chocolate and strawberry ones!
This was the chocolate one and it’s not bad actually, perhaps I’m growing to like bean curd now lol. I didn’t really taste the chocolate though…..
and this one’s strawberry flavoured one and I didn’t really taste the strawberry either but the smell did smell like strawberry flavoured lol.
Then I went back to domino’s pizza to get my pizza and finally I went home and ate the pizza!!! I was sleeping in the morning till the noon yesterday then when I woke up I continue studying and then take a shower and blahblahblah and then went straight to the campus so I didn’t have any lunch lol.
and here’s my dear spicy chicken something double decker I forget lol

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