July 23, 2013

Cute Wonder

My mom’s galaxy w which I’ve been using since she got the galaxy note 2 is so freaking cute right now lol
I downloaded this theme yesterday, I rarely use this phone though. This saturday’s my birthday, and I’m thinking to ask my mom for a new phone. I wanted a pocket digital camera actually, the sony tx30 but I just found out yesterday that it’s not sold in here (。┰ω┰。) So I think I’ll ask for S4 but I wanna wait to see the specs of 5S or 6 even though my current iphone 4 is still great though it’s goddamn slow and I hate slow gadgets so I wanna upgrade to a faster one. But if the new iphone is made of plastics then perhaps I should get S4 instead because it’s loosing its classy feeling even the 5. It weighs more with glasses as the body material but it looks classy and I prefer it that way. 
and I’m kinda enjoying my two days of “calming myself" finally I can feel that I’m on summer holiday! annnnd nothing’s better than eating ice cream in midnight without worrying my weights lol.
I’m kinda amazed that I can’t eat a lot of it, I guess my body is aware that I can’t look fat next month lol. I should do crunches and other exercises but now I’m too lazy and tomorrow when I start going to campus again there won’t be any time doing that as I woke up in the morning to go there and go home at night and get home exhaustedly. Seriously what kind of word is exhaustedly I don’t think it even exists lol but there’s no red underline so perhaps it indeed exists lol. A few days ago one of my colleague asked me how to be slim, and I just don’t fucking know how to answer it because I’m not slim at all if you see me from the right or left side you’ll realize how fat I am, how big my belly is, how big my arms are, how big my tights are. I always try my best covering them up with my clothes though.

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