July 26, 2013

Claire’s (again)

I bought some random stuffs at Claire’s again lol. I was browsing claire’s website a few days ago, then I was wondering whether the stuffs there are also available in the shop here. So I went to claire’s yesterday. I didn’t found what I was looking for, but I found this instead!
Well I was looking for pink hair extension, it’s 5 poundsterling for 2 clips and I didn’t find it, but this one’s cool too! It’s also like about 5 poundsterling after conversion, and more colours, and more hair! lol. But it doesn’t look natural though, my friend said it looks so synthetic. I kinda had problem while trying putting them on my hair, because the clip aren’t like the clips for hair extension. I only wanted to try the pink and the blue ones, but I ended up putting them all lol.
purple/violet idk… it kinda look like soft pink… soft purple?
I really love the shocking pink ones, but sadly it doesn’t match my current hair colour :(
blue and soft purple
and my dog tried using it too! lol~
I found it at the kids section though, lol. Apparently, the extensions for teens/adults are only available in natural hair colours in the shop here. And it was but 1 get 1 free product, so I chose this one as the free one.
I used to have lots of headbands when I was a kid, then I only had one headband that I bought during high school, so I decided to get some lol. They’re actually for kids too but since it’s made of plastic(?) so it’s stretchable/flexible (idk lol).

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