July 12, 2013


15 more days till my birthday!!! I’ll be 19 soon. I’m kinda excited and sad. I won’t be able to join the audition again as the limit to apply is 18yo ;_; but I’m kinda excited to celebrate it.
Last year I celebrated it alone and it was like one of the most enjoyable day of my life. No one bothered me, I did things I like. I even watched the last concert of westlife in the cinema!! I treated myself with my favourite food as well. 
Actually I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my friends for this year, but they’re just waaaaay tooooo busy that I kinda lose hope on them so rather than throwing a birthday party and no one will come and I’ll definitely become pathetic so I think I’ll just celebrate my birthday alone again this year. I don’t plan on inviting my classmates and colleagues as well, they’re just not worth it… I wanted to have birthday dinner with my friends in a fast food restaurant, not a fancy one, junk food sometimes are more delicious than other food lol. I was thinking Carl’s Jr. and even though it’s in a fast food restaurant, everyone must get dressed formally, with a dress, heels, make up, hair-do, and such lol. Then we’ll just have chit chat and catching up with each other because we haven’t really talked this year. But I also wanted to do pajamas party. But my apartment is too small for it and there’s not enough room for us to sleep. They’ll at the afternoon then we’ll do some random fun things like a stupid game or something and record videos and then we’ll cook for the dinner and eat them and stay till really late, like till in the morning, and then they’ll go home in the morning and I’ll sleep for hours lol. Sadly it’s so unlikely to happen though because they’re sooooo busy. Why are they so busy? Well I’m busy as well though…..not always.
So I’ll just celebrate it alone, or with my dog, and my mom perhaps. But I’d rather go alone or just with my dog. So it’ll be as peaceful as heaven. I’m still planning on buying a birthday cake for me though. I love birthday cakes! lol. I had ice cream cake last year, but I didn’t really like the flavour. So I think I’ll buy an ice cream cake again this year, but in my favourite flavour, even though the size is too big for me lol. I was thinking about having green tea flavoured cake too but ice creams always give me somewhat happy feeling meanwhile not all green tea taste good, those which have only little green tea have the-not-delicious flavour on it and I don’t like it. Then I’ll buy something for myself. I don’t really know what I want right now, the one that myself can afford lol. I want that sony digital camera tx30, but I don’t think I’ll ask it to my parents though. I want a new phone but I still love my iphone 4 right now. The design still uses glasses, unlike the iphone 5, so it still has that classy feeling even though the spec isn’t as good as the 5. I think I wanna ask for iphone 6 if it’s released, perhaps next year. But if the design doesn’t look classy, then I won’t have it. I kinda wanted s4 but….well….I like android, but ios is still the best, for the apps and such. I want to get belly piercing, but unfortunately my belly isn’t flat enough for it to look good so I think I’ll just postpone this till I get rid the pot belly. I’ll buy a lot of snacks, sweets, and eat a lot of yummy desserts that will make me soooo fat. I’ve gone to spa a few days ago so I don’t think I’ll have one again on my birthday. I think I’ll buy comics as well, and anything else that looks cute and I can afford it lol.
Buuuuuut even though it’s on saturday, I’ll have to go to campus for that rehearsal uuughhh I hate it! I wish I can have a day off for my birthday… It probably will end at 5pm and perhaps I’ll get home at almost 6pm so I don’t really have much time to celebrate my birthday :(

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