July 10, 2013

5th day of holiday

Oh man it’s 3am and I haven’t slept yet and I have to wake up at 7:30am in the morning since I have to be at the campus at 9am for the rehearsal today.
I like to watch bunch of random videos on youtube lately. There was a time that I cried over a video of a soldier whom just got home and met her dog and the dog was whining or crying or such. Then I found a video about trips that this group of people took and one person of that group made really good videos about the trips they had, and apparently they are performers of Disney Live oh my god what a dream job that you’ve got to do the things you love as your job and you can travel around the world because of it. I think it’s too late for me to dream it, but is it? idk even this play for this august will be the first time for me, and I’m not a great actress at all as I’ve always been told that my face is super poker face all the time. I practised at home though, I just don’t want the play will be bad because of my poker face -_- Then I watched videos about an american whom has japanese husband then I watched the videos about another american doing student exchange to japan. It’s quite interesting to know their lives actually, and there’s also videos like that about indonesia but I’m not really interested to watch them right now.
I’m quite sleepy right now but I kinda feel I’d rather do something interesting as it’s supposed to be holiday for me. I actually want to call my friend who’s supposed to be the PIC of the dance for the event in august as she hasn’t come to the practices at all meanwhile I have that feeling of responsibility that I must always attent it on time unless I’d definitely feel guilty about it, and I just wanna scream at her to relieve my stress right now. But one of my seniors said just enjoy it so I’m trying my best to enjoy it even though the fact is I can’t really enjoy it. And I still don’t know what character that I will play since yesterday that person whom have to play one of the main roles didn’t come and not really replying any of messages so I was told to play that character instead but someone said she’s gonna come today so I don’t know.
I was truly in bad mood today so I visited omegle after quite a long time, trying to get rid of my anger and it did eventually. I was lucky enough that I got to chat with a nice and not horny stranger about some random stuffs mostly about indonesia and the living here because he asked about that so I just answered it even though I don’t really know about it either. Sometimes the life you live in your country is actually quite different with what foreigners think about.

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