July 29, 2013

19th Birthday

Last Saturday was my birthday. I woke up early in the morning as usual. Then a little while after I woke up suddenly the door was knocked nonstop and I kinda knew that it’s my friends so I let them knocked it till they were tired. I had a bath and such first till I finally open the door lol. C and R came with a cake and the birthday noodle. I didn’t expect any of my friends to give me surprise though because they’re somehow busy, but if there’s someone who’d give me surprise then I just knew that it’s them. Then we did a little celebration(?), like really quick because I had to go to the campus at very late on 8:30am. 
The cake~!
The birthday noodle~! indomie as always lol
Theeeen the presents~!
Somehow the hello kitty looks evil…..it really suits me though, as I was born evil LOL. The book was one of those books that we bought before C’s birthday and we ended up buying each colour for all of us and our presents for this year lol.
Then I went to the campus for practice and I waited for a fucking long time till another person finally came. I ended up putting all of those chairs upside down with each chair and put all of them to the backside all by myself. Then we finally started the practice in the fucking noon. Seriously what’s wrong with those people. Then they started the surprise for me after the first run. I actually already felt that it’s part of the surprise because suddenly all of them were attacking me and they went in and out of the classroom like checking something outside then went back inside to scolded me whatsoever blah blah blah and I then realized that they wanted me to cry so I did my best not to cry even though they were scolding me for the surprise but I thought what they were saying was kinda true and I should do like a few of them blah blah blah. I actually almost cried but I held it so I wouldn’t lose to them LOL. Then I was actually wanted to say let’s just bring the cake blah blah because I was really thirsty at that time since I hadn’t drank water after the first practice. It took quite some time then finally I think they gave up because I didn’t cry after being scolded this and that and got mad by this and that blah blah blah finally they brought up the cake which I kinda expected the kind of cake that they would bring.
Poor them. Well the surprise was just too obvious because they all started attacking me, and in the way they usually don’t. Each has their own way to tell me this and that but that time they just went blah blah blah blah so I knew right after their first scold lol. I didn’t even care what they said, when they said to cancel the play blah blah blah whatsoever. I kinda wanted to laugh when hearing all of that. Then after the “fail" surprise we started practice again.
I finally got home at around 7pm then I ate the birthday noodle for my dinner. I couldn’t eat it all though. It’s just tooooo much. Then my mom bought me what I actually wanted to buy myself for my birthday treat, my favourite baskin robbin’s mint chocolate chip ice cream! I actually wanted to buy this ice cake, my mom told me that she actually wanted to buy it too but then when she saw their small cakes, they don’t contain ice cream like they used to, only the large cakes do. Since there’s really no one to help me eat that many of cake so she bought the ice cream instead. She bought mint chocolate chip and winter white chocolate.
aaaand also mille crepe from Champs Patisserie!
I’m also getting a new phone! Next month though, the end of next month. Since my mom just paid for another year of rent of the apartment and she just bought a macbook air and a car soooooo we don’t really have much money right now. I’ve told her I wanted the pink twilight galaxy s4. Well I don’t know if the pink one is sold in indonesia, I don’t think it’s sold here currently. I hope next month it’ll finally come here lol. The blue one is sold in Japan, the brown, purple, and red ones are sold in the USA, and I just can’t figure out where they sell the pink one….

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