July 29, 2013

19 years 1 day old

I went to GI with my mom yesterday. We had dinner at Marche because I wanted to eat a steak for my birthday dinner lol. I ordered a medium-rare sirloin steak. The sauce was somehow not delicious enough, and the beef was delicious enough, though it’s not as juicy as I wanted. Somehow the beef that I cooked on my own whenever I went to pepper lunch always had that perfect juiciness for me lol.
Perhaps I should order the rare one next time in the future. And I also ate rösti for the side dish as always~
Then we went to a drugstore to buy a new eyeliner for me, and I also bought a lipstick!
well.. the picture is somehow focused on the back…. I was watching digimon adventure lol. I think I’ll do digimon marathon once I’m free with this all stupid practice whatsoever. I hate them so much. They told me to dye my hair black. Fuck.
And since that fragrance thingy on my car isn’t really smelled anymore so I bought a new one. I wanted to hang it on my car today but I forgot so I’ll do it tomorrow!
Anyway, since my mom got herself a new car, she said that I could do whatever I want to the car that I’ve been using, with my own money though lol. I always want to decor my car with hello kitty stuffs!
Then I also bought this!
I seriously have a hard time eating green vegetables so I lack of vitamin K so I bought a supplement(?). It doesn’t say it has vitamin K on it but it consists of lots of vegetable extracts and such so I decided to give it a try. I currently have lots of bruises on my legs so I really need to work on them somehow before the event.
Aaaaand we went to the supermarket and one of my bad habit is buying random things on the spm even though I don’t need it lol. I kinda need it for this one though~

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