July 1, 2013


Yay I’m done reading 1/7 materials for today’s final exam and yet I don’t understand most of the things especially the coding lol. Tooooo lazy to find out what is what and now I really wanna find something interesting on the net. I’ve got a new hobby, sharing things to tumblr especially from we heart it and from flickr a few times. I’m also into cute things currently and I changed my desktop wallpaper to a very kawaii wallpaper lol.
And it’s July!!! Today is T’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAYYYYYY I hope you’ll always be you and may the greatest comes to you!!! And this month will be my birthday as well and I’ve got a few plans but I don’t really think that any of them will happen but I hope I won’t be so miserable that day.

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