July 4, 2013


I actually wanted to sleep for a while but I’m afraid that I won’t have enough will to wake up and continue the study. I’ve learned all and now I’m trying to memorize this is this and that is that so it won’t get mix up. I often mix up this and that in my answers for exams because I read too much lol. But everytime I memorize something for the exams I get sleepy so easily. And I’m hungry as well -_- and my stomach just growled -_- It will be 5am soon and the final exam will be in 3 hours from now…….. I really wanna this time flies fast so I just can end it already but if it ends then it means the-supposed-to-be-holiday will come and I won’t have holiday till mid of august because of that damn event -_- I wish I have 3 months holiday like my friends who care less or whom aren’t activists. 

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