June 15, 2013

Stupid Me

Soooooooo I wrote a post yesterday at noon, but it seems I didn’t post it. I think I closed it and just clicked ok when it asked the change will be lost or such. So stupid. 
So I was writing about my morning class. I mostly spent my time making sets on Polyvore and just tumblr-ing. Then after the class finished I had to meet my friend to talk about something. Then my other friends went to another friend’s place. Then I was too lazy to go there and I don’t even know where the place is. So I decided to have lunch at my car alone because I was hungry. Aaaand here’s my lunch~
It was delicious, I love junk food, lol. I didn’t plan on coming home because I actually had something to do, but I was lazy to do it and the internet connection was bad at the parking building and I was too lazy to look for my friends, and I also had to attend a meeting at 1pm, but I was sleepy so I ended sleeping till 2pm then went back to the campus for the next class which had a quiz as well. 

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