June 28, 2013


Yesterday was final exam for english. All I had to do was to give my ppt file on a cd to the lecturer. I arrived a little bit late. I saw one of my classmates outside the classroom, then she saw me, and went straight to the classroom. I kinda wondered why she was still at the outside of the classroom, but she didn’t even say hi to me so I just went to the class. Only a few were sitting on the chairs, not where they should be I guess, there rest were giving their cds to the lecturer unordered, like first come first serve. Then I just gave my cd then went straight home as I wasn’t in a good mood. Earlier when I was driving my car, there were lots of stupid cars so I honked the horn of my car(?) for quite a long time. Then when during my drive from campus to home, the car in front of me happened to be one of my classmates’. I wasn’t sure at first so I asked him fia WA and he said it’s his car and I think he saw me earlier because he grinned when I saw him for a second(?). Then he also happened to be in front of my car as well on my road from home to the campus lol. Too bad that he had to hear the looooooooooooong horn from me which I honked for the cars in front of his. It kinda turned down my bad mood that such coincidence happened.
Then I got home and I turned on my laptop and use the windows 8 again. 
It’s actually pink, but it somehow looks purple here -_- Then I installed 4 online games and unfortunately only 2 of them are working -_- I’m downloading one more right now and I think I’ll download 2 more later. It’s been quite such a long time since the last time I played online games. I had 3 on cd so I didn’t need to download it, so I just downloaded one game yesterday. While I was downloading it, I watched the lord of the rings again, the second one. It was sooooooooooo loooooooong that I kept wondering when would the movie end -_- I just realised that mine are the extended one so no wonder they’re soooooo looooooong. It took almost 4 hours to watch the second one. Later I’ll watch the last one~

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