June 30, 2013


My skin is in bad condition right now. Especially my face and my feet. My face is usually oily in that T zone but it’s kinda dry and it really shows when I apply powder on my face even though I’ve used moisturiser first. And there’s flaky parts as well ugh -_- And my feet……are so horribly dry and kinda flaky as well. I’ve been lazy to use body lotion and this and that since this year. There were times when I’d use it everyday but there were also times when I was too lazy and didn’t take care of my body at all and now I’m in that phase again but I think I’ll try to apply body lotion everyday as it hurts when my dog is being hyper and his claws make my hands and legs red -_- And I’ve also been lazy to put this and that on my face, I usually only use the moisturiser and serum but not everyday as well…… And because my face is terrible right now so I have to get back to the old habit, putting the moisturiser, serum, and lotion on that flaky part and dry part and scrub my face to peel those skin off. I also have drunk less water, I think it’s also affect quite much because when I drink a lot of water my skin is somehow good lol. Besides I get thirsty quite often lately so I think I’ll drink enough water to get that good skin back. 
And wow it’s 3am already and I didn’t realised it. I’ve been tumblr-ing since that previous blog post. No wonder I’m getting sleepy right now. 

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