June 1, 2013


First Day: Thursday
I & my mom went to the airport 5:30am and the flight was supposed to take off at 7 something but it got delayed around 15 or 30 minutes.
I had this for breakfast on the plane…
Then we arrived at Bangkok at 10 or 11am. Then we went to the hotel to check in. We stayed at Mercure in Siam. The hotel is cute, yes, cute.
Then we went to MBK to buy those super long charger cables which sadly only last one day (the next day I tried charging using it, it didn’t work anymore). I also bought cases for iphone and ipad.
I just like the case because it got eiffel tower on it lol. And it’s also wasn’t made from plastic so it’s more unlikely to break~
Then I found this cute hello kitty case for ipad!
We had BK for lunch, but I forgot to take a picture of it because I wasn’t in good mood. Then my mom and I bought this thai pancake or something idk the name. This one’s chocolate flavour.
Then somehow I really like it and I ended up buying it again lol. This one’s strawberry flavour.
Then my mom and I went to Siam Discovery. We thought the Ocean World was there, but only Madame Tussauds is there. The Ocean World is in Siam Paragon so we went there. But we didn’t go to the Ocean World because my mom didn’t bring enough cash and her credit card either :/
We had MK for dinner in Siam Paragon. And now I’m craving for MK and sadly it doesn’t have branches in Jakarta.
Then we went to Food Gourmet, the supermarket in Siam Paragon to buy snacks for us when we’re in the hotel. I bought quite a lot, those cute and attractive and look delicious ones which I couldn’t find in Jakarta.
Then we wanted to go back to the hotel, but it was raining quite hard. There is roof or something above the way from Siam Paragon to Siam Center. Then there’s also a way with a roof made only for raining (idk how to say it) from Siam Center to Siam Discovery. Actually there’s skywalk from Siam Discovery to the National Stadium BTS station which is right in front of the hotel, but my mom and I waited till the raining wasn’t pouring so hard in Siam Discovery. After quite a while, we went through the skywalk, but we couldn’t went downstairs right to the front of the hotel, it’s only for those who ride the skytrain. So we went downstairs at the front of BACC then we walked a little bit to the hotel, the rain hadn’t stopped yet but it was only a drizzle.

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