June 21, 2013

Shopping Before Final Exams

Sooooo I went to the mall as I planned last night. I bought the things I wanted to buy, and one random item lol.
Yesterday I was browsing the web about make up and such and I decided to buy a brown eyeliner and BB stick from maybelline.
I actually don’t really need this right now but I just wanna try something new. So I bought it and I’ll use it tomorrow. I actually don’t like this type of eyeliner because the previous one I bought from the face shop got broken pretty easily (and it was rather expensive ;_;) but maybelline’s products aren’t expensive and their products that I’ve had for some time give good results.
I also don’t actually really need this one lol but I’m curious and I wanna try it. So I bought the 02 Natural shade one. I have another bb cream from pond’s and I rarely use it because I usually in hurry to campus so I usually only wear compact powder and eyeliner.I’ve tried using it on my hand though….
The left side is the one with BB and the right side is just my bare hand. Is the shade too light for my skin? But my face is lighter than my hand so……… we’ll see tomorrow….
Then there’s the Singapore Haze happening there and it’s quite bad and my friend there doesn’t have a mask because she said it’s sold out everywhere in nearby store. So I decided to buy a mask because I don’t have one and as the precaution if thing like that happens in here, and here’s the mask I bought
It’s not exactly the one that I’ve wanted, but this one’s cute as well so it’s okay~
a sleep mask!!! I didn’t have any so I decided to buy one. The design is funny but unfortunately after I tried the picture doesn’t really fit on the eyes position :( nvm though
Then the other random things are………

I just realised the pic is quite blurred… I don’t have any other pic of this though lol. I actually already that set thing in blue color, so I want the pink one now lol. And I just want that spray bottle because I don’t have any….

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