June 2, 2013


My cousin had 1st birthday party today at Bakmi GM in Mall Puri Indah even though her actual birthday isn’t today. The party started at 3pm so my mom and I went to the cinema to watch The Hangover Part 3 before we go to the party. I think the movie isn’t as funny as the first and the second ones….
And my outfit for today is…….
actually this one’s only when I watched the movie because I thought the cinema would be quite freezing~
and please don’t mind the background…. because my mom was looking for one of her bag somewhere there~
Then my actual outfit for today is……………
I really like the top, it got a very cute bow behind and shows my back~
I think the bow isn’t very clear in this picture… it’s somewhat hard to take a picture backside DX I also love the lace-y shorts! It actually also has a bow on the right side… I just realised I wore a lot of bows today lol~ and I bought them all in Bangkok~
The party was actually a very kids party…. no wonder though since my cousin is only one year old~ I didn’t enjoy it very much especially when my family still treated me like a little kid -_- and the weren’t joking -_-
anyway, happy birthday to my cute little cousin!
the clowns were super scary, I was even scared when looking at them -_-

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