June 30, 2013

Monsters University + Jun Njan

I watched monsters university! Cute and funny. But…..I watched Now You See Me only a few weeks ago and I still think it’s really good and leave me a very good impression. It’s just simply good clever amazing cool wonderful marvellous. And I didn’t get that kind of impression after watching Monster University. It has different genre so that’s okay the movie was still great even though I’ve already forgot most of the story about monster inc so I think I’ll re-watch it if I get the time. 
I had dinner at Jun Njan with my mom. It’s been quite a long time since the last time I ate there. I think it’s a few years ago. They have delicious food actually, but I’m just not a fan of chinese food sooooo…………….that’s it. I ate mantou/chinese steamed bun, one of my favourites there. I hadn’t eater it for a very long time.
Then my other favourite food, squids with their specialty sauce(?) idk I forget the name
And I also tried something new, corn soup with crab’s egg
This came first and it was delicious at first, but after I ate the other food I kinda don’t like the taste of it anymore, somehow like a medicine -_- perhaps it’s just me though……
I also tried my mom’s tofu something….
and it was reaaaaalllyyyyyyy gooooooddddd sooooooo deliciousss!!!!!!! Perhaps I’ll order it the next time I go to Jun Njan.

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