June 29, 2013

Mentos 3D

I don’t know why I like to show off a lot. Perhaps it’s just in me. lol. That’s why I’m gonna show this off lol
Actually I wanted to stop buying chatime but I think I can’t so I don’t lol. I was thinking about going on diet too because my weight is sooooooooooo not in a healthy “range" right now, it may not really shows from my appearance but I think I’m in obese category right now -_-
I also have other things to be shown off lol. Mentos 3D!!!
It’s not sold here, I bought it when I was in Bangkok last month. I’m not a big fan of chewing gum, but the taste was quite good actually. But I didn’t chew it too long because I don’t like it when it got “tasteless" so I decided to chew before the taste was completely gone lol.

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