June 2, 2013


Day 3: Saturday
My mom and I went to Jatujak/Chatuchak Market which only open during weekend.
We found eggballs! We used to buy this a lot when we were in Hong Kong. The name isn’t eggballs there, they called it Hong Kong Waffle.
Then we had lunch there, just in a place where we could sit and chill. I forget the name of the restaurant, and the food wasn’t that great either….
Then I bought these as well, and these were much more delicious rather than the lunch I had -_-
I bought a lot of clothes in JJ as well, and I also bought theseeee
I’ve always wanted that glittery pink ever since I saw it on ebay and finally I got to buy it at JJ! Then I found many others which were so cute so I ended up buying a lot lol~
Then after we got tired walking on that labyrinth-like market, my mom and I went back to the hotel to drop our things off then went to Asiatique, a night market. They said the traffic to Asiatique is quite bad, so we went there using BTS, then a boat! I was a little bit scared when I was already on the boat and see the water on the river….because I couldn’t swim lol~
Things there were so cute as well that I just wanted to buy them all if I could LOL.
We had dinner there, italian restaurant which I forget the name. I also forget the name of the food, it tasted deicious though~
Then we did shopping, mostly clothes, after quite a while, we got tired and decide to sit down, and I bought this apple green tea or something I forget~
Theeeeeen I also bought this one!!
So cuteeeee and matches with my whatsapp wallpaper lol XD

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