June 19, 2013

Last Day

Yesterday was the last day of this semester, starting this saturday I’m gonna have final exams which I’m not ready at all. I came to the class late, as usual, and just went straight to the back and sit and read the script for a stage play for the next event to list down the stuffs we have to have for the play.
This semester, I don’t really know what’s going on with my class, too busy and too lazy to catch up with them, it’s like we’re living in a different world. Even when I wasn’t so busy, I just played with my ipad or phone rather than talking to them. It’s like….everything they said to me is irritating so I just avoided talking to them. Perhaps because they’re in my place, my position, so they don’t know how I feel. It’s ok though, they’ll know it when they’ve started working for a company seriously. 
The class finished at 1pm, and I had to wait till 3pm for the first stage play rehearsal. I printed the script and copied it for the others then I had nowhere to go so I bought a glass of strawberry milkshake which I was craving for during the class. Then I just made sets on polyvore like usual using my ipad while sitting in one of the benches in front of classes. Then a weird man suddenly asked me about a girl who just broke up what he should do to her blah blah so unimportant and bothered me while I was making sets, he even brought a girl magazine and showed it to me so weird so odd boy if you happen to read this then perhaps you should re-think about your habit and get a life. He even guessed my personality, seriously…? Did you stalk me? Just go get a life busy yourself with something, get a hobby or something whatever I don’t care just don’t ever bother me again. Then next my senior came to me and he remembered that he had a meeting because he met me so he just went to the meeting afterward lol. Then the next man approached me was even weirder, he asked if I had 5k rupiahs or not and I just said I didn’t as I was still busy making sets on polyvore. I still wonder why I was bothered so much today, I was only sitting there alone and making sets on polyvore using my ipad, did I do wrong to somebody that I had to be bothered so much? duh
Then it was finally 3pm so I waited at the room and I was still alone till a few came and we just waited for like an hour or something I forget then finally the trainer came. I actually wasn’t supposed to play at the play but there’s no more people so I play -_- Luckily I don’t get the weird character so I don’t really mind playing on it. But today we only did reading so it didn’t take too long to finish. After that we had the first one for the dancing as well, I’m not one of the dancers but I had to wait as well because I had to return the room stuff back to the office to get my ID card back, and this took quite long because the person who have the music and know the choreography attended a meeting first so we waited for him. Then finally he was back but we only listened to the song then talked a bit and finally I could go home.
I went home~ and now I’m sleepy as it’s midnight already and I have to wake up early today because I have to attend a meeting ;____; I really wanna sleep all day……………..

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