June 29, 2013


I’ve been posting a lot this month compared to a few months earlier. It’s because I’m not as busy as the months before. Yay! 
I also register for adsense to be put on my blogger and it was approved but I couldn’t see a thing till a few minutes ago and it’s because I have that AdBlock on my chrome and it blocks the ads on my own blog so I didn’t see it and just realised it today lol. I thought there was something wrong with it but I was too lazy to find out so I just let it be, but the fact is there’s nothing wrong with it lol. 
It’s 3.38am and I don’t know whether I should sleep or not since I have to wake up at around 6am today. It’s good to have blog I’m glad that I have it so I just can say a lot of things here instead talking it to someone. I just don’t want to disturb any of them and make them dislike or hate me because I talk a lot about me, myself, my stuff, and such and show this and that off to them. It’s also better that I don’t have to feel the feeling that will I get a reply about this thing I’m talking about or not since I’ve been telling stuffs on WA group and no one really bothers to reply so I’ll just tell everything here lol.

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