June 3, 2013


Day 4: Sunday
I went to JJ, again! Because I wasn’t really satisfied the day before lol. The place is just way too biggg! And I wore the clothes I bought in JJ the day before~
My mom bought the corn pie the day before at the BTS station before we went to JJ, I wanted the tuna pie one but it wasn’t available so I finally got to buy it on Sunday, and it’s delicioussss~
Then we had lunch at JJ, a bowl of duck noodle, and unfortunately it wasn’t that tasty again -_- and because it didn’t look pretty so I didn’t take the pic of it…
Then we found the hong kong waffle stall again!! So we bought the egg balls again lol~
Then we also bought popsicles, mine was strawberry flavoured one~
We bought a lot of clothes (again) that day, and I also bought watches!
The watches were incredibly cheap and cute and I couldn’t pick just one of them so I ended up buying for lol XD
We also bought this for Fido <3 actually we bought it on Saturday but I forgot to include it on the previous post lol
We shopped till the shops were closing down. Then we went back to the hotel, drop things off, then went to Siam Paragon…
We had dinner in MK (again lol)
I really loveeeee the green noodles, and the sauce for shabu-shabu, and the duck! lol
Afterwards, we bought daifuku~! But I will post about this later~
Then we bought snacks and souvenirs on the supermarket then went back to the hotel~

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