June 22, 2013

Inside My Bag

So last night I've decided to post about things inside my bag. It's only the things on my bag last Thursday though... because the stuffs inside are usually depending on the size of the bag I use.
Last Thursday I went to the campus for the stage play rehearsal soooo I brought:
1. The script of the stage play
2. My iPhone (since I used it to take this pic, so I decided to show the case instead lol)
3. An umbrella
4. iPad
5. Heartburn medicine (just in case....)
6. Snacks
7. Blotting papers
8. A portable charger/power bank
9. An earphone
10. Driving set (the car key, member parking card, e-toll card, and that stuff that has to be bring anywhere if you drive a car)
11. A pen
12. A hair tie
13. A comb
14. Tissues
15. ID card
16. aaaand my wallet which I forgot to put it there when I took the picture lol
Wow.... I just realised that I brought a lot of stuffs....and sometimes even more..... I sometimes bring one of my eyeliners and compact powder with me, 1 jacket/cardigan, and some other random things lol.

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