June 13, 2013

I guess there’s none…

Yesterday was the practical exam for object oriented programming, and I did bad -_- I kinda forget the codes of how to write this and that even though I got the logic, like all of it, which kinda amazed me. I got sleepy during the examination because the codes were so loooong and it seemed to be unending and my hands got tired so I just rested for a while, while the others were so busy typing and typing and typing. I didn’t finish it in the end though, and my codes were fatal error, as always LOL.
Then the next class was character building, last session, thank God. I hope I got enough grade to pass the lesson so I don’t have to retake it again -_- I didn’t listen to anything the lecturer said neither when my classmates were giving us presentation about their projects. I was busy preparing for my presentation for English class which was the next class.
Finally it was English class, I wanted to be the third person to do the presentation but apparently one of my classmates had already talked to the lecturer first so I got the 4th position. It’s ok though since I don’t hate the number 4 lol. So my presentation was about “Visit Paris” which I made for the mid-term exam. I got a little difficulties when saying the French words since I learned it a few years ago, only for a week, and I’ve already forgotten some of it. I wasn’t nervous, perhaps because I’ve done presentations during the meetings in front of the seniors who like to talk like stabbing to my body with their words, idk how to say this -_- So to do a presentation during classes for me is like, a piece of cake LOL. I kinda put a joke in the end of my presentation yesterday. During the question time I asked the audience “Is there any question?” then I answered it myself quickly “I guess there’s none so I’ll just end the presentation blah blah” LOL and I thought my classmates weren’t listening at all but they all laughed at that part lol. I really didn’t wanna get asked because I won’t be able to answer it for sure but there’s not enough time as well since there were still other students who had to do their presentations as well. Yesterday was the last meeting of the English class either and I actually kinda sad because the lecturer is nice and funny, I hope he’ll teach us again next semester *pray pray pray*. 
Although the English class was fun for me, especially watching my friends do the presentation, especially those who were nervous, but I was sad during the recess. My friends went outside the campus to have lunch and I was too lazy to go out so I just stay at the campus, walking alone like a lost kid. I met my friends at the hallway a few times, different people, but I wonder why I had to walk alone all the way to the next classroom -_- It’s ok though I don’t really care but I kinda pity myself, I hope others who looked me didn’t pity me for being alone -_-

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