June 29, 2013


So what did I do last Friday? Well…. yesterday….. I woke up at the noon as usual since I always sleep early in the morning recently.
My classmates said something on the WA group about particular assignments and I just remembered that I hadn’t done it as well so I did it, copied and paste from those who’ve done it and post in on my blog, my other blog which is specifically for that particular lesson. The prof won’t read it anyway so no one really cares if they just copy-paste those assignments. And today is the final exam for this particular lesson! I haven’t studied yet. Well no one really cares to study anyway as the prof won’t read the answers, only see the length of the answers. The longer the answers, the higher the grades will be. So I’ll just write everything on my mind later this morning. I plan to not sleep but I’ve been having headache so maybe I’ll sleep for a while. 
I also watched the last movie, yes, lord of the rings, if you’ve read my previous posts. It’s the extended version as well. So it’s about 4 hours long. So loooooooong, right? A good movie though. Well, I don’t become a fan though. So I don’t know what to talk about it lol. Just wondering why lots of them have long and beautiful eyelashes lol.
I downloaded more games. Not so satisfied with them though. I guess I'll continue looking for great games later this night.

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