June 11, 2013

Cup Noodles

I was craving for soto mie flavoured instant noodle, but there wasn’t any in the mini market downstairs so I bought cup noodles instead.
It’s still good and the flavour is quite similar. I ate one cup for lunch and another one for dinner. Sooooooo unhealthy lol~ but it’s ok since I don’t eat it daily~
I fell asleep yesterday afternoon, I didn’t fall asleep this afternoon. So I’m quite sleepy right now but I still want to blog and blog and blog and blog lol~ it’s nice because it’s like talking to other people, without worrying that the people will be bothered, get bored, get insulted, and such. There’s still many thing (interesting ones) I haven’t talked about. I prefer to blog about one thing in a post then another thing in other post because I don’t really like to read long post (yes, I read my own blog sometimes).

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