June 2, 2013

Central World + Platinum

Day 2: Friday
My mother and I woke up not so early (and this went for up to day 5).
We went to Central World to have lunch. There we went to Yayoi, and I ate this
The melting cheese inside was goooooood
Central World is really bigggggg!
There’s also this in front of the mall
Then we went to Platinum
My mom and I spent hours there only for shopping. We walked through all the corridors each floor. Then it reached the time when the stores were closing. So we went back to Central World to have dinner, and we planned to go back to Platinum another day.
I wanted MK so we went to MK again lol. I really love their green noodles.
Then I was looking for JUMP World DVD in Central World but I couldn’t find it, I didn’t find it either in those malls near the hotel :(
Then my mom bought a cute bag, which I don’t have the pic, and I’m planning to ask her the laptop case one from that store when she went to Bangkok again next August.

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