June 9, 2013

Cei’s Birthday

So last Tuesday was Cei’s birthday. R, T and I went to her campus to give her birthday surprise altogether with her friends. Actually A and M wanted to join us as well, but A was, not able to come, as always, and I saw on M’s twitter that she was in Bali and later she said it herself to us and I was like WTF and I didn’t care anymore, she knew that Tuesday was C’s birthday but she just went to Bali till Thursday. Who the fuck cares anymore -_-
R, T, and I made the birthday noodles, using Indomie Cabe Hijau. and it somehow turned out like a monster. I was indeed scared when making the mouth shape using chili sauce -_-
R, T, and I didn’t know C’s friends at all and I just started talking to one of them only a week before her birthday via fb and whatsapp since we hadn’t met them at all. We actually planned to give C surprise since quite some time ago but it seemed no one really talked about it till it’s one or two weeks before her birthday. So we decided to join her friends’ surprise in the end, even though I was afraid that it’d go awkward and awkward and awkward but it didn’t end awkward, kinda awkward for me though…..
Her birth certificate says 6th of June though. So we decided to throw another surprise. Surprise Part II. So we bought Chocolate Devil cake for he even though she got one on Tuesday.
We were supposed to meet at 11am at T’s house. R and I came earlier so we could prepare for the surprise (we ended up eating most of the time though lol). We waited C to come but then she told us that she’d be late because she went for brunch or lunch first with her mom. Then finally she came. We still didn’t really know what to do though. T welcomed her, and R and I hid ourselves in the kitchen and just left the cake on the table. Then when C and T got to the dining room R and I came out. C was kinda complained though because she got another devil cake when she still had one in her home lol.
I took a picture of me holding the cake before the candles were blown off~
and another photos~
It was fun~ I think I haven’t had that kind of fun moment for a really really really long time which I could enjoy like every second of it~ I think I’m just exhausted with the whole university things from A to Z -_-
We also had pizza~ T took a picture with the pizza lol~
We also had many other food, these were only a few of them….
There were many others which I forgot to take a picture of them ;_;
Anyway, I had so much fun! I can’t wait till I meet them again~

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