June 13, 2013

Calculus I

Today's the last day of Calculus I, then next semester I'll have Calculus II. Calculus was the most boring class ever, and took so looooooong time. It's a two-shifts class so it took total 200 minutes, and since my class started at 7.20am so it should be end by 10.40am but the lecturer really loves to teach so we almost always finished at 11am -_- I think I've done like everything I could every time it's calculus class, playing with my phone, ipad, reading my novel, talking with my friends, eating, sleeping, daydreaming, even when I tried to study and listen to the lecturer when he's teaching, the class still hadn't finished yet!! It's indeed a really boring class and took super amount of time for it to finish -_-

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