June 6, 2013

Bakery Restroom

Day 5: Monday
My mom & I went back to Platinum, to adventure on the floors which we hadn’t been yet and to return the pants I bought which was too small for me (fuck) and ask for a bigger one -_-
But we had lunch at Central World first before we went to Platinum. We had lunch at Fuji. I didn’t find any interesting food on the menu though so I wasn’t that satisfied. So I ordered these
But then I was still hungry so I ordered another food -_-
Then I got too ful by eating only half of it….so I stopped, what a waste -_-
Then we went to Platinum and the shopping started~
I bought waffle there because I wanted to eat something sweet
but………sadly there’s a sausage inside it so it wasn’t a sweet snack -_-
Because of this, I ended up buying another sweet food……crepe! nutella + cheese~
anddddd I bought these!!! yayyyy~
Then after we finished shopping, we went to Terminal 21 to continue the shopping there lol XD
We had dinner at a japanese curry restaurant probably named CoCo (since the plate says so) and the food I ordered which I forget the name was probably the best curry I’ve eaten……
I ate it till the very last of it!
Terminal 21 is the cutest mall  I’ve ever been~
After we finished shopping in Terminal 21, we went back to the hotel riding the BTS…
Then we did packing all of our new stuffs from Day 1 to Day 5 since we had to go back home to ID the next day. Unfortunately, our luggages were too full so we used our new bags to carry other stuffs as well lol~ We should bring two big luggages instead of one big luggage and one cabin-sized luggage…

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