June 23, 2013


I’ve been addicted with Chatime, for about 3 weeks….? Last week was the worst, I bought it almost everyday -_- I used to wonder why people are really into it, then I bought it, and I’m now addicted to it -_- I’ve only bought two kinds of their teas though. Roasted Milk Tea and Matcha Tea Latte, with pudding as the topping. I’ve tried the grass jelly, I like it, but whenever I see it it somehow look like a leech so I decided not to buy it again as the topping lol. 
I hate that I love it so much, especially the pudding, it seriously makes me fatter fatter and fatter -_-
aaaaaand the first time I bought matcha tea latte……
I love the milk foam on the top…..
I just realised that all of the dates were 15/3/2013…..why don’t they change it lol.
I bought the last 2 or 3 days ago, and there was a mistake that the person gave mine to another customer so they made a new one for me…..

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