June 11, 2013

A Thought in The Middle of The Night

I'm sleepy, but I don't wanna sleep yet.

I just read one of my classmate's blog, one of those smart and diligent students. I read her blog about the first semester, and it's like seeing the first semester from the contrast of point of view of mine.
She's like happy with those super boring lecturers and classes which somehow made me shock while reading it. Even knowing her favorite place to hang out in the campus is the com lab.....omg.

It's like we're living a whole different world. I don't even have my favorite place to hang out in the campus. If there's must be one, I guess the lounge it is. But I don't go there if there's no "meeting" though. I'd rather stay at my home than hanging out at the campus. I have Fido, a nice bed, lots of food, TV, laptop, internet connection, books, and such which is like my daily needs to live on. If I don't join any org or clubs, perhaps I'll only spend my time at the campus only for classes.

I don't even hang out with my classmates after classes. I did, once. It's better to sleep at home rather than spending the time with my classmates -_- Since I got busy this semester because of the org things, I somehow grew apart from them. I'm not so busy anymore, yet I don't hang out with them still. I used to hang out with A, E, and M. M is busy with her bf, A and E are busy with others, I was busy with the org things and now I don't know what's going on with them anymore. Even there's not much talk on the whatsapp group anymore. 

I kinda miss those high school moments. Especially the ones with my friends. I & T usually took pictures during art class. I, T, R, C, A, M and E  always walk very slowly to the ICT lab. I often skipped business studies class. I always came to class late that my CA didn't even really care anymore. I tried my best to understand during math class. And when it's someone's birthday, my class usually used the time for english class to do the surprise lol. Poor the teacher. Even though there's a lot of homeworks, but it felt different. I was never really got exhausted, or tired. Tired of life. Maybe I did, only a few times, I don't remember. 

Now I feel tired all the time, exhausted, physically and mentally. I think I need a rest, else my hair will turn to gray one by one. As for now, I just go as the river flows. All I can do now is to try my best at every subject. It's almost the final exam for the 2nd semester. 

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