June 14, 2013

8 Sets

Wooow I've made 8 sets on polyvore.... still a small number lol.
I'm at home now. I didn't plan to come home during the break, I wanted to just wait at the campus till the meeting I have to attend at 1pm. After the morning class ended, I had to talk with my friend about the event in August, it didn't take so long but my classmates were already gone and I'm too lazy to go to them. Then I bought lunch at the campus and ate it in my car, it was quite good though since it's not noisy and full of people, I think I still like being alone rather than being in the crowded. Then after I finished eating my lunch I wanted to tumblr-ing on my ipad but the connection was bad so I decided to go home. Now I'm too lazy to go back to the campus to attend the meeting. I think I'll stay for a while until the next class which is at 3pm....

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