June 30, 2013

Monster Inc.

I watched monsters university yesterday but actually I didn’t really remember the story of monster inc so I decided to watch it again. I’ve never been such a fan of monster inc because of Boo, I din’t really like kids in cartoon I guess. They’re scary and kinda remind me of that chucky or whatever on that horror movie. I re-watched it anyway and it’s funny and cute but I still kinda scared with Boo, not the monsters lol. And still not my favourite but I like it though.


My skin is in bad condition right now. Especially my face and my feet. My face is usually oily in that T zone but it’s kinda dry and it really shows when I apply powder on my face even though I’ve used moisturiser first. And there’s flaky parts as well ugh -_- And my feet……are so horribly dry and kinda flaky as well. I’ve been lazy to use body lotion and this and that since this year. There were times when I’d use it everyday but there were also times when I was too lazy and didn’t take care of my body at all and now I’m in that phase again but I think I’ll try to apply body lotion everyday as it hurts when my dog is being hyper and his claws make my hands and legs red -_- And I’ve also been lazy to put this and that on my face, I usually only use the moisturiser and serum but not everyday as well…… And because my face is terrible right now so I have to get back to the old habit, putting the moisturiser, serum, and lotion on that flaky part and dry part and scrub my face to peel those skin off. I also have drunk less water, I think it’s also affect quite much because when I drink a lot of water my skin is somehow good lol. Besides I get thirsty quite often lately so I think I’ll drink enough water to get that good skin back. 
And wow it’s 3am already and I didn’t realised it. I’ve been tumblr-ing since that previous blog post. No wonder I’m getting sleepy right now. 

Monsters University + Jun Njan

I watched monsters university! Cute and funny. But…..I watched Now You See Me only a few weeks ago and I still think it’s really good and leave me a very good impression. It’s just simply good clever amazing cool wonderful marvellous. And I didn’t get that kind of impression after watching Monster University. It has different genre so that’s okay the movie was still great even though I’ve already forgot most of the story about monster inc so I think I’ll re-watch it if I get the time. 
I had dinner at Jun Njan with my mom. It’s been quite a long time since the last time I ate there. I think it’s a few years ago. They have delicious food actually, but I’m just not a fan of chinese food sooooo…………….that’s it. I ate mantou/chinese steamed bun, one of my favourites there. I hadn’t eater it for a very long time.
Then my other favourite food, squids with their specialty sauce(?) idk I forget the name
And I also tried something new, corn soup with crab’s egg
This came first and it was delicious at first, but after I ate the other food I kinda don’t like the taste of it anymore, somehow like a medicine -_- perhaps it’s just me though……
I also tried my mom’s tofu something….
and it was reaaaaalllyyyyyyy gooooooddddd sooooooo deliciousss!!!!!!! Perhaps I’ll order it the next time I go to Jun Njan.


Top: Zara
Legging: T Spanx Classic

Top: Shubcheery
Shorts: H&M

June 29, 2013

Right Hand

I slept for 2 hours this morning. Luckily I wasn’t sleepy when I was answering on my paper for today’s final exam. I’m not satisfied actually because I think I didn’t write the answers long enough. I only used 4 and a half page for my answers. I hope I have good scores though but I couldn’t answer the multiple choices as I forgot to study for that one. But I just checked on fb group of my class there’s none about it so I don’t feel that bad now. I actually couldn’t answer anything at all but as the prof doesn’t even read the answers but just see the length of the answer for the grade, so I was writing random things. Lord of the rings, JKT48, even about my blog! lol. My right hand hurt so much because I wrote quite a lot in 100 minutes. I was only able to drive my car with my left hand because the right one hurt too much -_- I slept this noon till the afternoon and I’m so glad that my right hand doesn’t hurt anymore. I’m watching master chef right now. But I don’t really like this season for no reason. I’ll go to gancy later to watch monster university! Yay! I’ve been wanting to watch it since I saw the trailer for the first time. Can’t wait~!


I’ve been posting a lot this month compared to a few months earlier. It’s because I’m not as busy as the months before. Yay! 
I also register for adsense to be put on my blogger and it was approved but I couldn’t see a thing till a few minutes ago and it’s because I have that AdBlock on my chrome and it blocks the ads on my own blog so I didn’t see it and just realised it today lol. I thought there was something wrong with it but I was too lazy to find out so I just let it be, but the fact is there’s nothing wrong with it lol. 
It’s 3.38am and I don’t know whether I should sleep or not since I have to wake up at around 6am today. It’s good to have blog I’m glad that I have it so I just can say a lot of things here instead talking it to someone. I just don’t want to disturb any of them and make them dislike or hate me because I talk a lot about me, myself, my stuff, and such and show this and that off to them. It’s also better that I don’t have to feel the feeling that will I get a reply about this thing I’m talking about or not since I’ve been telling stuffs on WA group and no one really bothers to reply so I’ll just tell everything here lol.

Mentos 3D

I don’t know why I like to show off a lot. Perhaps it’s just in me. lol. That’s why I’m gonna show this off lol
Actually I wanted to stop buying chatime but I think I can’t so I don’t lol. I was thinking about going on diet too because my weight is sooooooooooo not in a healthy “range" right now, it may not really shows from my appearance but I think I’m in obese category right now -_-
I also have other things to be shown off lol. Mentos 3D!!!
It’s not sold here, I bought it when I was in Bangkok last month. I’m not a big fan of chewing gum, but the taste was quite good actually. But I didn’t chew it too long because I don’t like it when it got “tasteless" so I decided to chew before the taste was completely gone lol.


Jeans: Zara


So what did I do last Friday? Well…. yesterday….. I woke up at the noon as usual since I always sleep early in the morning recently.
My classmates said something on the WA group about particular assignments and I just remembered that I hadn’t done it as well so I did it, copied and paste from those who’ve done it and post in on my blog, my other blog which is specifically for that particular lesson. The prof won’t read it anyway so no one really cares if they just copy-paste those assignments. And today is the final exam for this particular lesson! I haven’t studied yet. Well no one really cares to study anyway as the prof won’t read the answers, only see the length of the answers. The longer the answers, the higher the grades will be. So I’ll just write everything on my mind later this morning. I plan to not sleep but I’ve been having headache so maybe I’ll sleep for a while. 
I also watched the last movie, yes, lord of the rings, if you’ve read my previous posts. It’s the extended version as well. So it’s about 4 hours long. So loooooooong, right? A good movie though. Well, I don’t become a fan though. So I don’t know what to talk about it lol. Just wondering why lots of them have long and beautiful eyelashes lol.
I downloaded more games. Not so satisfied with them though. I guess I'll continue looking for great games later this night.

June 28, 2013


Yesterday was final exam for english. All I had to do was to give my ppt file on a cd to the lecturer. I arrived a little bit late. I saw one of my classmates outside the classroom, then she saw me, and went straight to the classroom. I kinda wondered why she was still at the outside of the classroom, but she didn’t even say hi to me so I just went to the class. Only a few were sitting on the chairs, not where they should be I guess, there rest were giving their cds to the lecturer unordered, like first come first serve. Then I just gave my cd then went straight home as I wasn’t in a good mood. Earlier when I was driving my car, there were lots of stupid cars so I honked the horn of my car(?) for quite a long time. Then when during my drive from campus to home, the car in front of me happened to be one of my classmates’. I wasn’t sure at first so I asked him fia WA and he said it’s his car and I think he saw me earlier because he grinned when I saw him for a second(?). Then he also happened to be in front of my car as well on my road from home to the campus lol. Too bad that he had to hear the looooooooooooong horn from me which I honked for the cars in front of his. It kinda turned down my bad mood that such coincidence happened.
Then I got home and I turned on my laptop and use the windows 8 again. 
It’s actually pink, but it somehow looks purple here -_- Then I installed 4 online games and unfortunately only 2 of them are working -_- I’m downloading one more right now and I think I’ll download 2 more later. It’s been quite such a long time since the last time I played online games. I had 3 on cd so I didn’t need to download it, so I just downloaded one game yesterday. While I was downloading it, I watched the lord of the rings again, the second one. It was sooooooooooo loooooooong that I kept wondering when would the movie end -_- I just realised that mine are the extended one so no wonder they’re soooooo looooooong. It took almost 4 hours to watch the second one. Later I’ll watch the last one~

June 27, 2013

My Laptop

Soooo I finally updated the os x 10.8.1 to 10.8.4 lol. I thought it’d take long so I was always lazy to do the update.
Then I watched the lord of the rings for the first time in my life while downloading the windows 8 pro pack, it took quite long….. and the movie was really long as well…… aaaaaand finally the download finished and I started the partition blah blah blah
I was gonna do this earlier this year actually but the internet connection was so bad and it went on-off-on-off so I got lazy and finally i just did it yesterday. I installed the windows to play online games just like the ancient time and I just wanted to try windows 8 myself. I wanted to put only 50gb at first, but I’m afraid that I’ll download a lot of games and I have to do coding in which the program will take quite some space later so I decided for 100gb instead.
and finally………………..
hmmmmm…… nothing much to say…. not as impressive as I thought…… the tiles are cute though……. I set it pink lol.

June 25, 2013

Dream Morning Musume

Soooooooooooo I just watched The Peace which was performed last year in youtube by the momusu members at that time and the other members who have graduated, aaaaaaand there was Tsuji Nozomi and Goto Maki and I was surprised since the title of the video is “The Peace! Dream Morning Musume” so I thought it’s was sung only by Dream Morning Musume members and I just read that Tsuji Nozomi and Goto Maki and Aya Ishiguro were surprise guests there. Soooooo my reaction was OMG OMG OMG OMG I was so happy watching it especially seeing Tsuji Nozomi which is also my favourite, not as much as Reina Tanaka, but still I likeeee her and seeing Goto Maki I was like omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg I thought I’d never see her perform with momusu again or dorimusu and I was so happy that I bursted into tears lol. 

June 24, 2013

Morning Musume

I’ve been watching momusu and other groups in Hello! Project in youtube. So nostalgic. I was really into them when I was a junior high school student. I think it’s 5 or 6 years ago. One of my favorite song is Kioku no Meiro by High-King
But Ai Takahashi graduated last year, then Maeda Yuuka, then Tanaka Reina………so only 2 of high-king members left in h!p….
I watched Tanaka Reina’s graduation ceremony and it was sad, and funny, and sad, and “congratulations!”. Even her outfit during the ceremony was, very “Tanaka Reina”. She’ll forever be my ichiban girl idol!
And now only Michishige Sayumi left from the 6th generation, as Kamei Eri has graduated a few years ago. I hope momusu can get their golden era back, just like when there was still Yaguchi Mari, Abe Natsumi, Goto Maki, and the others which was like 10 years ago, don’t lose with the 48family and the korean wave there which I hope it’s already declined…. and I hope they can participate at kouhaku this year with the new members~!
I love their new double A side single, Brainstorming/Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai. 


So I was really into Polyvore last week, and now I’m already bored of it -_- I’ve made some sets, from a cute one to a cool one…….
and now I have to find a new hobby! I’m thinking of more writing in my blog….but I’m kinda lazy to do it…..so idk…………………

June 23, 2013

bored baby bored

I. What was your dream career in kindergarten?
- a singer
II. What dessert do you eat the most?
- ice cream
III. What countries have you been to?
- hk, sg, fr, th
IV. Is there anyone on Tumblr you have a crush on?
- nope
V. Compare apples and oranges.
- err…..
VI. How many people from Tumblr have you met in real life?
- 0
VII. Do you have a valid passport?
- yea
VIII. Would you rather own a chinchilla or a fennec fox?
- neither
IX. Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? Why?
- idk, too lazy to think of
X. What gifts did you receive on your last birthday?
- err………….did i get any?
XI. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?
- teleport
XII. How did you celebrate last Halloween?
- watched tv
XIII. Name three things you and the person asking this question appear to have in common.
- no one asked this question
XIV. Would you like to be famous? In what way?
- not really, if i am, in a good way
XV. If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why?
- yea, stress less, only one year more to live!
XVI. Were you ever in a school play? What was your role? What was the plot of the play? Did anything funny ever happen when you were on stage?
XVII. Describe the last time you went to the zoo.
- I took a picture with a tiger and it growled at me lol
XVIII. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?
- made those artworks in high school
XIX. If you could invent a new flavor of ice cream, what would it be?
- mint vanilla
XX. If you had to move from where you live, where would you go and what would you miss the most about where you live now?
- nyc, idk….
XXI. Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?
- is there…….?
XXII. Do you prefer digital watches and clocks or the kind with hands? Why?
- digital one, easier to read
XXIII. What is your most terrible memory?
- idk….
XXIV. If you were to write a successful book in the near future, would it probably be fiction or nonfiction?
- fiction
XXV. Would you rather live in a castle or a spaceship?
- a castle
XXVI. Which do you like better: dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
- milk chocolate
XXVII. If you fell in love with a space alien, would you be willing to permanently leave Earth to move to his/her planet?
- nope
XXVIII. What is the oldest material object that you own?
- idk….my pillow?
XXIX. How many different places have you lived?
maybe 7
XXX. What are five things you absolutely have to have in your dream house?
- big tv, high speed internet connection, large kitchen, nice bathroom, walk in closet
XXXI. If you could be reincarnated as any animal, which would you choose and why?
- a pomeranian, cute :3
XXXII. What would you consider to be the biggest insult to yourself?
- idk…..

another lol

So there was a funny chat between me and T a few days ago.


A few days ago I bought breads from Tous Les Jours, which I still don’t like, and I still wonder why people like to buy breads from them. I bought this
and this
and this
The chocolate croissant and chocolate roll were okay, but the bear shaped bread wasn’t okay for me….. I guess I just don’t like some of the ingredients in their breads….. perhaps the grains or something…. 


I’ve been addicted with Chatime, for about 3 weeks….? Last week was the worst, I bought it almost everyday -_- I used to wonder why people are really into it, then I bought it, and I’m now addicted to it -_- I’ve only bought two kinds of their teas though. Roasted Milk Tea and Matcha Tea Latte, with pudding as the topping. I’ve tried the grass jelly, I like it, but whenever I see it it somehow look like a leech so I decided not to buy it again as the topping lol. 
I hate that I love it so much, especially the pudding, it seriously makes me fatter fatter and fatter -_-
aaaaaand the first time I bought matcha tea latte……
I love the milk foam on the top…..
I just realised that all of the dates were 15/3/2013…..why don’t they change it lol.
I bought the last 2 or 3 days ago, and there was a mistake that the person gave mine to another customer so they made a new one for me…..


Top: Juizywoozy
Legging: T Spanx Classic

June 22, 2013


ii no ii no inoo kei desu~

Inside My Bag

So last night I've decided to post about things inside my bag. It's only the things on my bag last Thursday though... because the stuffs inside are usually depending on the size of the bag I use.
Last Thursday I went to the campus for the stage play rehearsal soooo I brought:
1. The script of the stage play
2. My iPhone (since I used it to take this pic, so I decided to show the case instead lol)
3. An umbrella
4. iPad
5. Heartburn medicine (just in case....)
6. Snacks
7. Blotting papers
8. A portable charger/power bank
9. An earphone
10. Driving set (the car key, member parking card, e-toll card, and that stuff that has to be bring anywhere if you drive a car)
11. A pen
12. A hair tie
13. A comb
14. Tissues
15. ID card
16. aaaand my wallet which I forgot to put it there when I took the picture lol
Wow.... I just realised that I brought a lot of stuffs....and sometimes even more..... I sometimes bring one of my eyeliners and compact powder with me, 1 jacket/cardigan, and some other random things lol.


Top: Catzilla
Shorts: H&M


Top: H&M
Jeans: Point One

Tanaka Reina

田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-20130618.jpg
Tanaka Reina, my idol!! She's recently graduated from Morning Musume. I haven't caught up with morning musume for quite a long time but she's still my number 1 idol (girl) ever since~
So cute, cool style, nice hair...................
田中れいなオフィシャルブログ「田中れいなのおつかれいなー」Powered by Ameba-20130610.jpg
She's in her own band right now, LaVendoR. I haven't checked it out yet lol. 
Anyway, check her blog!!! http://ameblo.jp/tanakareina-blog
Perhaps she's the one who influenced my style the most. I don't have outfit as cute as hers though.....esp since she's an idol and she must be on tv....so it's a must lol~

June 21, 2013

Shopping Before Final Exams

Sooooo I went to the mall as I planned last night. I bought the things I wanted to buy, and one random item lol.
Yesterday I was browsing the web about make up and such and I decided to buy a brown eyeliner and BB stick from maybelline.
I actually don’t really need this right now but I just wanna try something new. So I bought it and I’ll use it tomorrow. I actually don’t like this type of eyeliner because the previous one I bought from the face shop got broken pretty easily (and it was rather expensive ;_;) but maybelline’s products aren’t expensive and their products that I’ve had for some time give good results.
I also don’t actually really need this one lol but I’m curious and I wanna try it. So I bought the 02 Natural shade one. I have another bb cream from pond’s and I rarely use it because I usually in hurry to campus so I usually only wear compact powder and eyeliner.I’ve tried using it on my hand though….
The left side is the one with BB and the right side is just my bare hand. Is the shade too light for my skin? But my face is lighter than my hand so……… we’ll see tomorrow….
Then there’s the Singapore Haze happening there and it’s quite bad and my friend there doesn’t have a mask because she said it’s sold out everywhere in nearby store. So I decided to buy a mask because I don’t have one and as the precaution if thing like that happens in here, and here’s the mask I bought
It’s not exactly the one that I’ve wanted, but this one’s cute as well so it’s okay~
a sleep mask!!! I didn’t have any so I decided to buy one. The design is funny but unfortunately after I tried the picture doesn’t really fit on the eyes position :( nvm though
Then the other random things are………

I just realised the pic is quite blurred… I don’t have any other pic of this though lol. I actually already that set thing in blue color, so I want the pink one now lol. And I just want that spray bottle because I don’t have any….