May 18, 2013


the event has ended, my job hasn’t ended yet….
i’ve learned so much, thanks for those who trust me and give me this opportunity, even though I couldn’t give the best, though I’ve tried the best………

May 9, 2013


I'm soooooo tired this week is seriously bizarre. There was technical meeting last Tuesday, and last monday I even had meeting till almost 9pm and I had to prepare for the technical meeting all night long till morning, till I didn't know what I typed anymore so I just slept for like 2 hours then woke up to continue my work -_-

Then I also go to campus one and two then back to one then two then again and again and again till my feet sore from monday till yesterday (thanks God today is holiday so I don't have to do that though I have to go there again tomorrow -_-)

The technical meeting...........went quite smoothly for my division, I was so glad, though other division wasn't really so well. My friend said my face was poker face as always even though my speech was somehow funny -_- The funny thing was during the operational division presentation, the coor said "maybe" too much that made the head of the org angry then when he answered it he uses "maybe" again lol. 
And now I still have lots of work to do but I have to get the materials others first but they still haven't sent them to me arrrghhhh -_-