April 30, 2013

Today's Highlight

OOP. Object Oriented Programming. It's supposed to be programming. Codes. OOP mid term exam was............sad. I was like doing an english exam rather than OOP, because I just randomly made up stories and such, about those programming terms. So sad. 

I cut my dog's nail. It was to short and he screamed and it started bleeding. He freaked out, so did I. I apologised to him many times but he got angry and he acted like a spoiled kid (or dog) to my mom and he didn't event want to look at me or move from his place at all. When I wanted to move him, he growled -_- Then when I grabbed a snack, my snack, he just came to me in lightning speed and it seems his paw didn't hurt at all -_- and my mom called him "drama dog" lol

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